Wicked Wedding Photographer 2020

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Photography Competition


Big THANKS to the Sunsprout team for help with the shortlisting! It was so, so hard to choose!!

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Spinning Your Dreams Wedding Photography
2020 Winner!
Photo 1

This is Dave and Angharad tying their knot! At this precise moment the room erupted in cheers and clapping... and just look at the satisfaction on their faces, priceless. Each of their handfasting ribbons held it's own meaning: one represented Angharad's Welsh heritage and another Dave's Irish roots. The third was to symbolise their connection with the Earth.

This joyful image was captured by the incredible duo, Julia and Martin, of

Spinning Your Dreams Photography - awesome husband and wife team with 20 plus years of experience.


Photo 2

Just look at the love oozing here... delicious! Even though Rosy and Dave's eyes are closed they are bursting with expression and their lips, posed for a loving smooch, in that sensual moment before a sweet, soft kiss. We also love that you can see both their wedding rings, as if it were orchestrated, but we reckon that was a stroke of luck.

This gorgeousness was immortalised in pixels by Elaine Rolfe who now specialises in the gooey cuteness of new-born photography.

Photo 3

This one's all about the fun, colour and festival-feels of Simon and Sarah's fantastical fiesta of love. Sarah, hands-down, wins the prize for the smiliest bride I've ever had the pleasure of marrying... look at that beaming grin. Her face was actually aching the next day!


You've gotta love a confetti shot and this belter was caught on camera by the creative cat that's Pippa Carvell.

Photo 4

This sensation rightfully earns a space in this competition for depicting the raw emotion within a ceremony. Of course weddings are shiny, sparkly celebrations full of smiles, but they are also deep, sincere, tender, poignant, moving and meaningful. I can't recall exactly what we were remembering here, but Maddi and Stephen were close to tears as we reflected on their shared experiences and contemplated their future together. 

This beautifully authentic photo was taken by the super talented Phil Harries, The Wedding Photographer Cardiff

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Chuffed Brian.jpg
Photo 5

Last, but by no means least, this is the point in Brian and Rhinedd's ceremony when I pronounced them husband and wife. Just take a second to focus in on Brian with his smug, ecstatic 'get in there' face! He's pleased as punch that he's bagged the bride of his dreams and is easily the suavest, coolest groom I've ever met.

This electric instant was quickly caught by the Cornish master that is Paul Keppel.