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Sian Julia Jackson, Humanist Celebrant walking on a wall with views of Swansea Bay in the background

Who am I?

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Siân Julia Jackson - Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Sian Jackson during a humanist ceremony fist punching the air wearing an orange kimono

I smile a lot, laugh a lot, and say cheers every time a drink is poured. I love celebrating so much that I decided to become a celebrant and hijack other people’s celebrations!


For me, being a celebrant is not a job. At the risk of sounding painfully cheesy, it is a calling.


Every couple I meet, and every single ceremony I write and perform, confirms to me that I have found my calling. Seeing people, who love each other deeply making commitments to each other for life, is such an awesomely rewarding way to spend my life.

Life is short, and I am determined to make the most of it! Sharing in other people's celebrations of love and life definitely seems like a damn good way to enjoy my time here on Earth...

So, I'm Siân and I love celebrating!

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My journey as a celebrant...

...began in 2014 when my close friends, Rosy and Dave, asked me to write and perform their wedding ceremony. To say I loved doing it is an understatement! It was a great honour and a genuine privilege to be part of their celebrations.

The experience was overwhelming. I was overtaken by an powerful desire to become a celebrant... it became one of my life's greatest ambitions which I am now so thrilled to have achieved.


One of my other life goals is to direct music videos... so watch this space!

Sian Julia Jackson, wedding celebrant, standing and smiling with a happy couple holding Chamagne flutes
Sian Jackson in character for a performance pointing at the camera wearing lots of jewelry with an imaginary volcano eruputing in the backgroud.

I started out as a theatre director and a performer, so I know a thing or two about engaging an audience and staging all sorts of live productions, and a wedding is no different.


Being a celebrant means I can indulge the writer and performer inside me while doing something significant. I love using my creativity, and zest for life, to help couples make magical memories.

Me in character as Princess Lay 'er...

a Swansea version of the cherished heroine of the Empire!

The Small Print…

I’m a nature enthusiast, fascinated and mesmerised by the wonders of our planet. I love being submerged beneath the waves, thankfully I’m SCUBA qualified! I like to think of myself as an advocate for invertebrates, not many people stick up for them, and I have a particular fondness for slugs and snails. Despite not appearing to be the most physically fit, you’ll often find me pumping iron, riding my bike up some super steep mountains or balanced in a precarious position trying to find some zen. I’m into both cooking and eating in a big way, I love SPICEY food and am pretty much powered by plants. I do my best to grow my own veg… this can sometimes cause tension between me and my mollusc friends. I always look for the good in people. I believe in second chances and welcome second thoughts. Sometimes I make chaos masquerading as theatre. I love parties, debating with friends, exploring new places and watching ferns slowly uncoil in the springtime. I’m a raver (and a wicked dancer) with a deep appreciation to the sonic spectrum... I play my music LOUD! I’m creative, in tune with my emotions and I love bright colours. I couldn't imagine life without my amazing husband and super sister... selfishly, I hope I go first! I moan a bit too much about my various minor ailments but I’m working on that... PS. There is no such thing as too much garlic.

Sian the wedding celebrant binding a couple's joined hands with ribbon during a handfasting ceremony at the Greenbank Hotel Fallmouth

After reading the first draft the two of us were laughing and crying and feeling all sorts of wonderful emotions and we knew we'd chosen the perfect person to conduct our ceremony. Mr and Mrs Jiley X

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