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Is a Humanist ceremony right for us? 

A Humanist ceremony is a meaningful, non-religious celebration of love and life! It's totally bespoke and will reflect your values. You'll explore imaginative ways to express your love for each other and you can have your wedding, wherever, whenever and however you like! The content of the ceremony is solely driven by the conversations we have (all thriller - no filler!) and I promise that your ceremony will be unique, engaging and utterly unforgettable. 

Am I the right celebrant for you?

Well, that's totally up to you... Let's have a chat and see what you think! I'm lively and loving with a lust for life and a genuine passion to help couples create their ultimate celebration. I make it my mission to ensure the process of devising your Wicked Wedding is easy, fun and super rewarding. 

Gime a shout!
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How much will this all cost?

To write and perform your wedding ceremony I charge £1,200 plus reasonable expenses. For milage I charge 50p per mile. I pour my heart and soul (and yours!) into my work and dedicate uncountable hours to ensuring that your ceremony is the perfect concoction of love, laughs and sentiment that does your remarkable partnership the justice it deserves.


Just check out my review page so see all the happy couples!


I do charge more than a registrar but that's because I do much, much more... 


Below is a breakdown of what my fee includes:
  • An initial meeting, often a video call, so you can get to know me a bit, ask questions and decide if I'm the right celebrant for you

  • Our first 'proper' meeting which will last for a good few hours, much better face-to-face if possible. We will get to know each other really well and you'll give me enough information to crack on with the first draft of your ceremony

  • There will be more meetings or video calls so we can make sure your ceremony is spot on.

  • A bespoke, unique script

  • Support to write your own personal vows

  • Thoughtful suggestions for poems, music or symbolic rituals

  • A rehearsal, if required

  • Delivery of your ceremony on the big day

  • A keepsake presentation version of your wedding ceremony script

  • Professional indemnity and public liability insurance

  • A high-quality service that comes with being accredited by Humanists UK

She's worth every penny!

Emily and Jon. xx

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Will we be legally married after our Humanist ceremony?

At the minute, the answer is basically no... but Humanists UK are fighting really hard to change the law so we can catch up with our colleagues in Scotland, Northern Ireland and many other parts of the world. In July 2020 a huge, monumental court case happened and the judge ruled that current marriage legislation in England and Wales discriminates against anyone who sees a humanist ceremony the most fitting way to to celebrate their marriage. The up-shot of this is that we are closer to our goal of legal recognition than we ever have been before... it's now not a case of IF but WHEN, which is a pretty big deal...

What's not a big deal however is, in the meantime, you can easily (and cheaply - £50) do all the legal gubbins at a registry office. Some couples milk the situation and use it as an excuse to turn their celebrations into a longer, more drawn out affair. Others just rock up in their jeans, sign on the dotted line and be done with it. All my couples, without exception, see their humanist ceremony as their real celebration of their love and the beginning of their marriage.


Do you only do weddings?

No... I also do vow renewals and elopements but your ceremony doesn't have to fit into any specific box... I'm open to anything. I have created ceremonies that have served to celebrate friendship, commemorate birthdays, honour new identities and that have helped people wish bon voyage to friends off on new adventures. I'm also a qualified funeral celebrant and help families and friends say their final farewells to loved ones.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any unconventional ideas you wish to explore and I'll see if I'm the right person to help you.

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We're up for it, what happens next?

Get in touch, we'll book a chat and, if you like the cut of my jib, we'll get the ball rolling.

If you do decide to book me I'll ask you to sign a contract and pay a small deposit to save the date. About six months or so before your wedding date I'll send out some homework (fun homework!) then we'll set a date for our first 'proper' meeting. After that, I'll be equipped to write a first draft which we'll go through together either face-to-face or on a video call. You can make as many amendments to the ceremony as you like and I'll ask for the remaining of the balance when you are happy with the finished product about one month before the ceremony.

Our family and friends were blown away by the personal touches she weaved into the ceremony and I am so glad we chose her to be our Celebrant. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sarah and Si. xx

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