I make Wicked Weddings!

With a little help from you of course...

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Weddings . Vow Renewals . Elopements . More

Creating your ceremony will be a collaboration...

but I'll do all the hard work!


We'll work together...

to build a vision of your perfect day

We'll talk love, life and everything in-between

We'll brainstorm, explore and delve deep

We'll think big and we'll dare to dream...

Your wedding is only going to happen once... we need to make sure it's going to be the ultimate celebration of your love. So, we're gonna rip up the rule book, start from scratch and suss out what is really important to you.

There'll be meetings, messages and heart to hearts. We'll investigate, imagine and plan. Then I'll take all those snippets and tit-bits into my office, turn into a chrysalis, and emerge with a beautiful ceremony that's colourful, rich and full of depth and character!

Ok, so it's not quite as glamorous as that! But I do dedicate uncountable hours into ensuring each ceremony

is worthy of the remarkable beings I'm writing it for. Wicked Weddings are labours of love... I pour my heart and soul (and yours!) into each and every one.




I know I talk a lot about the jazz and pizzazz but, however fun and adventurous your ceremony may end up, we'll never take away from the gravity of the situation... you are getting married after all and that's kind of a big deal. Your ceremony will reflect that by being authentic. There will be touching and tender moments, likely to move your guests to tears. Don't worry I'll bring the tissues!

We'll be inspired by, but never restricted by tradition. I'll help you pick and chose what matters to you then we'll lather it with a whole new layer of meaning... We can even make up some brand-spanking new traditions! I've done it before and I'd love to do it again with you.

You told our story in a way that both represented us accurately and at the same time was interesting and held our guests attention throughout. Many people said how special it was and not only did they listen to every word but many were moved to tears by your lovely presentation. Tania and Rob X

A happy couple being showered by confetti in the marquee at the Oxwich Bay Hotel
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So, if your up for a Wicked Wedding here's what happens next...

We'll start by having a chat

We'll fire up the phone or hit the Skype and we'll have a good gas. You can tell me about your ideas (but don't worry if you haven't got that far yet, that's what I'm here for!) you can ask lots of questions and find out if I'm the right celebrant for you.

There'll be some homework!

About six months or so before your ceremony, I'll send out your homework... don't worry you'll enjoy it! It's designed to get you in the mood for the discussions we're going to have and will give me lots of juicy info to help me write your stunning ceremony :)

We'll get together

We'll arrange, what I like to call, our first 'proper meeting'. We'll get comfortable cos it's gonna last a good few hours... I'll get to know you, and your relationship, really well and we'll explore ideas and all possibilities. You'll reflect, reminisce, laugh and maybe even shed a happy tear or two as we have some real deep and meaningfuls...

Then I'll get cracking

After our first 'proper' meeting I'll have enough  info to write a first draft of your script. When I'm done, we'll arrange another meeting to go through everything and, of course, make any amendments needed - I'm not precious, it's YOUR ceremony so it's got to be perfect for you!

The big day!

I'll turn up nice and early and rendezvous with anyone involved, so everyone is feeling nice and calm and ready.  I'll deliver your ceremony with energy and enthusiasm and leave you with a posh version of your script, so you can recreate your ceremony at any point... perhaps for anniversaries, for children you’ve not yet created or to liven up a dull Saturday night!

“We wanted something quite informal and quirky. Sian managed to put together a ceremony that was not only that, but also very personal, touching and funny, and even with a few surprises thrown in!”  


Rosy and Dave X

Loads of guests commented on how 'us' the ceremony was which shows just how much Siân listened to us and worked with us to write the ceremony.

Rhian and Michael X

A bride with henna tattoos on her hands. She is holding two stainless steel wedding rings

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