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Photography Competition

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 Unique Moments in a Humanist Ceremony'

Wicked Wedding Photographer 2022!


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Amy&Will-532 - Copy.jpg
Finalist 1

'An Explosion of Joy'

Featuring Will and Amy.


Lilly caught this electric moment when Amy and Will leapt into their new marriage… it takes great skill to seize that split second suspended in mid-air! 


I love this agile action shot, exploding with fun and energy, as I KNOW just how much joy was jumping in that precise moment. The couple’s guests were cheering, clapping, pelting confetti and whooping as Will and Amy performed an old Welsh Romany tradition, Jumping the Broom (with a twist of course!), and took their first steps into their future together.


Although the beautiful bouquet by Abey Meadows is concealing Amy’s magnificent boat race, to me, it covers it so perfectly it almost looks like this was an intentional move on her part… to disguise all the silly jibs she’s probably pulling behind it! Her husband on the other hand couldn’t give a monkey’s as he propels himself vertically for an ascent of epic proportion, gaining some serious elevation! Tight lipped, and hair in full fling, he went for it like some kind of loved-up gazelle… brilliant!


I just wish this shot came with a slice of audio so you could hear the happy hullabaloo. What a tremendous photo to kick off the competition!


Lilly’s style is natural yet atmospheric, dramatic and romantic and you won’t even notice she’s there. She’s discrete, super sweet and really loves her job and it shows. Nice work Lilly!

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Emily and Jon.jpg
Finalist 2

'Oozing Joy'

Featuring Emily and Jon


I don’t care what anyone says… I LOVE crows-feet. Catching a glimpse of a crows-foot is scientifically proven to sooth us. We are programmed to recognise that those ‘wrinkles’ relate to a smile so when we see one we feel safe and at ease, and Jon’s charismatic crows-foot is proudly on show here.


I just adore the joy so obviously oozing out of them both as Jon reads Emily some authentic, heartfelt words on their wedding day. Emily, pregnant with Baby Marina at the time, is glowing and giving him an all-knowing look, brimming with smug happiness… just lush!


In the background you can see flashes of white teeth, everyone smiling wrapped up in the couple’s joy. Or, all the joy in this photo could simply be down to the fact that Tahoe the dog was chewing on a pig’s ear by their feet at this particularly poignant point in their lives!


Charlie, you did a great job, especially with us uprooting mid-ceremony to dash indoors out of the rain! What a sensational shot, a joyous moment frozen forever. Gorgeous. When Charlie met Hannah are a gin-loving duo who love taking relaxed, fun, quirky and upbeat wedding shots; two fantastic friends passionate about weddings!

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Wicked Wedding Photographer 2021


Finalist 4

'Screaming Joy'

Featuring Dan and Annie (Danannie for short!)


Danannie tied the knot in Usk Castle so I thought it was only fitting for their niblings (a non gender specific term, or plural for, nieces and nephews... what a cute word!) to crown them King and Queen of Usk for the day (a little secret I kept from them with some help from Annie’s sister!).


As we all know, confetti is freaking fantastic for photos… but it’s a bloody pain in the buttocks to clean up, especially outside on a damp day. Instead Annie and Dan thought of a colourful, innovative alternative and had their guests waving hundreds of coloured streamers as they waltzed through a tunnel of love made by their nearest and dearest.


Chris captured this phenomenal moment of Dan and Annie on a post ‘I do’ (post coronation) high as were all their subjects. This photo is screaming with joy and filled with fun, energy and massive smiles, all immortalised in pixels. Chris takes unposed, candid shots of your wedding day in action and he’s not scared to get amongst the party to do so! Great work Chris!

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Jon and Em.jpg
Finalist 3

'Melting in Joy'

Featuring Jon and Em.


I usually encourage couples to sit together while I’m telling their story, and THIS IS WHY! Not just for the wonderful photos but so they can physically connect during the ceremony. I love catching couples gazing at each other, watching each other, touching and whispering, having mini moments of their own amongst the magic of their ceremony.


This shot blows me away and proves it is possible for couples to share intimate moments, even in front of a huge crowd. Em and Jon, cocooned in their joy, are just melting together here… cwtched up, holding hands, smiling with their heads together, their body language speaks volumes: these two are clearly each other’s sweet sanctuary.

Shots like this aren’t captured by accident, Sophie was waiting and watching closely, without distraction. She absolutely sets out to find these little nuggets of joy and what a job she’s done here. She’s super relaxed and friendly and bloody good at her job!



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Adam and Rhian.jpg
Finalist 5

'Bursting with Joy'

Featuring Rhian and Adam.


Darren took so many insanely brilliant shots capturing joy at Adam and Rhian’s EPIC beach wedding that it was painful choosing only one for this competition… but this one made the cut for its perfection and simplicity. This photo is bursting with joy, love, happiness, elation and anticipation as the couple are poised in that sensual moment before their first sweet kiss as a married couple just after I declared them wed. This picture says more than a thousand words, so I might as well shut up!


I have never worked with a photographer quite like Darren before. Most of his time is spent photographing athletes in action so he’s dynamic yet somehow discrete. He was confidently ducking and diving all over the beach getting fun, creative, daring, clever and shots of Adam and Rhian’s incredibly special day. Not only that but he turned around hundreds of glorious, vibrant, immaculate shots in a couple of days… that’s dedication!


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